Our Services

Tailor-make the perfect event and create an unforgettable evening

Tailor-make your Event

Jan & Co Team provides a wide range of services that make your occasion special, artistic, and luxurious.

By infusing our passion, we will tailor-make the perfect solution upon your request, and create an unforgettable evening for you.

Contact us to get a quotation or discuss on the tailor-made services.


Team Buildings

An innovative activity for staffs to communicate and strengthen their connections, hence boosting the overall performance.


Charity Workshops

Jan & Co Team has the societal responsibility to help the community. We regularly collaborate with different charitable organisations.



Branding Events

Perfect for brands to enlarge and enhance their overall diversity towards the art aspect by this appealing and stunning experience. 


Family Gatherings

Family is the most crucial part of our lives. Bring your kids to enjoy the art-making and achieve the perfect painting together!


Let's Party!

Your big day is our big day. No matter is it your birthday, graduation or bridal showers, we will make your day unforgettable!


Theraputic Art

Art is always the best medium for one to express him/herself. Our staffs have art therapy-related qualifications and we have added some of the elements into our workshops.