Jan & Co's Missions

We not only hold art workshops for one to take a break...


Our Responsibilities

Other than caring our customers' wellness, we also actively take up various responsibilities as a leading art studio in Hong Kong.

Jan & Co Team aims to help the necessary ones in the society, promote contemporary art to the general public, and instill vitality into the Hong Kong art industry

Holding Charity Events

There are always someone in the society lacks resources to enjoy their lives and try out new activities. 

Jan & Co Team regularly collaborate with charity organizations to hold fluid art workshops for the community. 

Promote Contemporary Art

Compared to other countries in the world, the development of contemporary art has been gravely hindered in Hong Kong due to the public's lack of interest.  


Our Team would like to promote this category by introducing an aesthetic kind of workshop to raise the general public's interest. 

Instil Vitality To the Art Industry

Our Team learnt that the industry lacks diversity, which ordinary art studio only provides art jamming sessions. 


By starting up this studio, we would like to introduce new forms of art and workshops to the industry, in order to enhance the diversity. 

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