// Therapeutic Art Session //


The Harmonious blending between a multitude of color tones

Exclusively at Jan & Co Art Studio


// What is Fluid Lab Experience? //

Fluid Lab Experience is a unique, spontaneous process of art-making which speaks to soul. It instils a sense of peace within artist through the abstract composition of blending multiple colours into one.

透過流體畫體驗 (Fluid Lab)可以隨意流淌著色彩斑斕的顏料,塑造一個屬於你獨一無二、沒有對與錯的藝術世界

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Price: $380 + per session, 

Includes a canvas (20x20 or 20x30) and 4 basic colours (Out of 20 choices)

(Price varies subjected to larger-sized and circle canvas; additional and special colours)

價錢為 $380 起一個時段

費用包括畫框 (20x20或20x30)一個及四種基本顏色 (總共20種)


The work will take a day to dry naturally. Guests can come back to collect it within 7 days.