// Therapeutic Art Session //

Water Marbling Art

On Leather Notebook

The notebook that best reveals your own character.

Exclusive at Jan & Co


// Water Marbling Art on Leather Notebook Workshop //

In 2021, Jan & Co will be entering a new phase by introducing a new brand fluid art collection - 'Water Marbling Art'

'Calm like water, splendid like stars' is the main theme of this collection.

It not only highlights the uniqueness of fluid art, but also our studio's outstanding therapeutic personality.

​作為首間主打流體藝術x藝術治療的畫室,我們在今個情人節特意推出全港唯一「水染大理石紋皮革手帳工作坊」(Water Marbling on Leather Notebook Workshop) 除了親手製作大理石紋的封面外,更可在空白的內頁可以任意發揮。除了另一半,手帳亦適合送給朋友、家人,甚至自用


Price: $520 per session,

Includes all materials needed and teacher's guidance fee

(1) Leather Notebook and (2) Silk can be chosen upon arrival.

價錢為 $520 起一個時段


可以任意選擇以下兩種媒介:(1) 皮革手帳;(2) 100% 絲綢方巾,不會額外收費。

Regular Workshop slot (2 hours, Class of 8):

Friday 6:30 pm

Saturday 4:30 pm