// Therapeutic Art Session //

Water Marbling on

Leather Notebook

Calm like water, Splendid like stars

Exclusive at Jan & Co Art Studio


// What is Water MArbling Art? //

Water Marbling Art is a kind of fluid art. Distinct from ordinary acrylic pour painting, water marbling art is created on the water surface, which is another kind of relaxing and therapeutic feeling.

有別於一般的流體藝術 ,水染大理石紋藝術 (Water Marbling Art) 創作於平靜的水面上,過程更加治癒及放鬆。

Price: $380 per session,

Includes all materials needed and teacher's guidance fee

價錢為 $380 起一個時段


For more information and availability, please contact us via Instagram DM @janandco.art