// Therapeutic Art Session //

Water Marbling Art On Silk

Your own life. Your own colours.


You Don't Own Me

Water Marbling Art on Silk


It is in our habits that we sometimes use materialistic things to define our own worth, but what can we use to define abstract concepts and indescribable feelings deep within our souls?


Price: $520 per session,

Includes all materials needed and teacher's guidance fee

(1) Leather Notebook and (2) Silk can be chosen upon arrival.

價錢為 $520 起一個時段


可以任意選擇以下兩種媒介:(1) 皮革手帳;(2) 100% 絲綢方巾,不會額外收費。

Regular Workshop slot (2 hours, Class of 8):

Friday 6:30 pm

Saturday 4:30 pm