// Therapeutic Art Session //

Water Marbling Art

Calm like water, Splendid like stars

A special kind of fluid art.


// What is Water Marbling Art? //

除了一般的澆注流體畫 #PourPainting,流體藝術更可以穿越媒介,於水上創作,過程更加治癒及放鬆。

Apart from the conventional “pour painting” commonly done on canvases, #FluidArt can transcend mediums, with the potential to even be created on water.


於《水染大理石紋藝術工作坊》可以任意選擇以下兩種媒介:(1) 皮革手帳;(2) 100% 絲綢方巾,不會額外收費。

For Water Marbling Art Workshop, we have two choices: (1) Leather Notebook; (2) 100% Silk, which can be chosen upon arrival without additional cost.

// Choice of Workshop //


Leather Notebook

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100% Silk

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水染大理石紋藝術 #WaterMarblingArt 創作於平靜的水面上,透過抽象的流體藝術,創作出由點、線構成的水紋世界,給人無限的遐想空間。從治癒的創作過程中放鬆心靈,把心底難以啟齒的情感投射於藝術中,創作出映射靈魂的作品。

“Revealing the beauty uniquely within you”

Water Marbling Art is created on a calm water surface, through abstract fluid art, creating a world of patterns composed of colourful dots and lines, giving you unlimited space for imagination. Through this therapeutic creative process, you can relax your soul, project unspeakable emotions in your heart into your work of art, that mirrors your inner self.


Price: $520 per session,

Includes all materials needed and teacher's guidance fee

(1) Leather Notebook and (2) Silk can be chosen upon arrival.

價錢為 $520 起一個時段


可以任意選擇以下兩種媒介:(1) 皮革手帳;(2) 100% 絲綢方巾,不會額外收費。

Regular Workshop slot (2 hours, Class of 8):

Friday 6:30 pm

Saturday 4:30 pm