// Therapeutic Art Session //

Art Jamming Session

Express Yourself With No Limitations


// What is Art Jamming? //

The concept of ‘jamming’ originates from the music jamming sessions: without restrictions and boundaries, feeling casual and free. Infusing the concept of ‘jamming’ into art, allows one to express his ideas and thoughts freely via the beauty of art.

有別於一般繪畫課程,Jamming一字源於音樂的 “Jamming Session”,即隨意、即興、自由創作,所以 Art Jamming即是即興藝術的意思。只要心中有想要表達的影像,則可以透過我們畫室的顏料及畫布展現出來。

'Outside The Box'

Art jamming OUTSIDE THE BOX is a special service at Jan & Co, which allows you to have an unforgettable art session at any place you like. This service provides you with everything you need for art jamming, and your idea will not be restricted inside the building.


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Price: $320 per session, 

Includes a canvas (30x30cm or 30x40cm)

價錢為 $320 起一個時段

費用包括畫框 (30x30cm 或 30x40cm)