// The Hong Kong Fluid Art Specialist //

Calm Like Water, Splendid Like Stars

Jan & Co Art Studio


Our Aspiration

Our aspiration is simple and pure: Art is only a kind of expression, your wellness is our top priority.

To relieve and shelter those who are tired of life, by allowing them to calm at the pier. Feeling safe and sound.



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Therapeutic Art Sessions

Our 'Therapeutic Art Sessions' is no ordinary art workshops.

Spare a few hours to treat yourself better with the beauty of our expressive therapeutic art.

- No min no. of participants is required -

- Only accept 1 booking per timeslot -

- Flexible slots for you to book and relax -

Water Marbling Art

Water Marbling Art is created on a calm water surface, through abstract fluid art, creating a world of patterns composed of colourful dots and lines, giving you unlimited space for imagination.

Fluid Lab Experience

(a.k.a. Fluid Art Workshop)

A spontaneous art-making process of abstract and contemporary paintings which speaks to the soul.

With a touch of art therapy... 

Art Jamming Session

Provides you with everything you needed to express yourself via the beauty of art. Have an unforgettable art jamming session in Central.


Create an art whatever, whenever, wherever you like.